All nethserver's modules in one place

do you think it is useful to create a sort of index that collects all the modules, also developed by third parties, concerning nethserver? beyond nethforge, there are the bglug team @syntaxerrormmm , @mrmarkuz , @stephdl, @gecco

or I have not searched enough?


There’s already a modules page in the wiki.

We may just add the missing ones…


Yes, the wiki is a cool way to retrieve informations

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Maybe a link from software center to the wikipage with all the available modules would be a nice option?


Nethforge didn’t have success enough in order to solve that problem :wink: People can install modules directly from the software center if packages are in the forge.
Why devs don’t upload there ?
Tricky to maintain? How can we improve it?
Wiki forces users to follow same commands in the command line

if, as in openmediavault, you create a page where you can select the external repository to be enabled (see mrmarkuz or stephdl), from that moment in the package selection you will also find those contained in the external repository


I will briefly reply on the packages created by the BgLUG group. Outside the LibreSchool project, they are much more than crippled: they are quite tightly coupled with software/technologies which are implemented in the project but usually not needed in all environments, so it may not have sense to them “generally available”.

A second reason is that for some solution we found we never bothered to package the needed stuff (and we should have done that, anyways).

Still, I do think this is a good idea: it is a single point where people can check if and how other stuff is implemented outside default repositories. I would recommend to link in that page the sources (github as you did, for example) and if available the created packages (ours are here).

You are right, Nethforge and installation via Software Center are the way to go. Most of my packages require packages from external repositories so I have to learn how to integrate/repack the external stuff to make Nethbot accept my packages.

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I think you have a point for @alefattorini’s question: How can we improve it?

No, I meant that I have to improve my skills. My goal is to push it to forge but it may take some learning time. I’ll give it another try this week…

It should be straightforward, just a few steps and packages is on air for everyone :slight_smile:

Yes it is easy to do, just a sftp command to launch, do it with all rpm needed in one time because nethforge looks after all dependencies.

However I’m not the best qualified to talk because none of my rpm are in nethforge. In my case it was not a need of skill, just the hope to reach/find a sustainable way for development.


I like this idea, so you can say “Packages for School? I don’t need”, and not activate them.

Agreed, this is the main problem of 90% of things I developed and integrated in NS.

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I would like to ask a “software repository” page into NethGui, with capability of enabling repositories from an existing list add a new one.
IMO, any repository added should be a tab with the repository name into software center.

This brings developers to a little more work: a brief description of what package does and eventually options, just like Software Center do for “official” packages; a mention for uncompatibile package should be considered also.

Maybe this should not be good/appliable for RHEL/CentOS sources (like elrepo).

I don’t think it’s necessary. To have an optional, third-party YUM repository listed in Software Center I suggest the following procedure:

  1. build an RPM with the third-party repository configuration (epel-release could be an example)
  2. push the RPM to NethForge
  3. list the RPM/repository in software center, so that it can be easily installed

For 2, ask me NethForge upload permissions (send me your SSH public key), or ask me or Giacomo or Stephane to upload the RPM for you. As alternative I can configure a NethServer repo on GitHub with automated Travis builds and RPM uploads to NethForge.

For 3, modify and open a PR for

When the number of third-party repositories is greater than 1, we can also add a button “Repositories” to



And Repositories became a massive list of all packages? Quite unuseful, by my point of view.

If we get more than 20 third party Repositories we will discuss how to implement a specific UI for them. But it’s likely not to happen IMO – at least during ns7 lifecycle :slight_smile:

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Or NethGui Lifecycle?

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“Repositories” is intended to be a list of, well, repositories, not every package available from those repos.