Alias process order

Hello everyone, several aliases are defined on my server. I don’t understand why if I ping an alias on the list, I get a reply from the other aliases almost randomly. What is the process mechanism of aliases in sequence?


Hi @france

It’s a problem with DnsMasqs implementation.
All records are actually “A” records, not really “CNAME”, so all are valid responces as a valid PTR (Reverse Lookup), which is what you are getting.

One of the reasons I only use DNS for AD on NethServer, but supplemented by a DNS working correctly, eg OPNsense…

My 2 cents

Ok Andy, but as you can see from the attached image, the areas for resolving a particular domain are delegated to my pfsense, which depending on the domain are redirected to the competent server. So when I ping for example to ftp.internal2.lan or to follow to pop.internal2.lan, the Query is sent to the default dns which is the pfsense which in turn sends it to the server of the domain e.g. internal2.lan which is the nethserver. He should only respond with the alias for which ping was requested, instead it responds randomly. I have the feeling, I might be wrong that depending on the ttl if these start to be other in value, the server responds in order of aliases. It’s just my assumption.

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