After restoring from backup 2 app instances with different versions are shown in Software Center

i have a strange Problem after install and rebuild the App Crowdsec from the Backup the System shows, there is an update, but it is not the correct Version, and as an Update it dont need to install a second Installation, or?

It seems you still have the testing repo enabled.
I assume the backup was from before enabling it.
Backups are restored to a new instance so you could remove the old one.

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i was wondering about the Backup Situation. I restored from the backup what i did last evening, so it has to be a different version then the one i should update. the crowdsec1 was rebuild from the Backup but has the Rev from the Update…

Maybe the backup only restores to main versions…

but then the backup has no sense… or? i mean if the crowdsec update is something like buggy and u want to restore it from the backup and it doesent rebuild the older version…

It did, the restored backup is crowdsec2.
The restore creates a new instance.

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