After latest update session expires very fast!

Well I guess subject says it all.
I have the machine in question in the new “trusted” devices (verified), yet the session expires after a few minutes.
Is there a way to configure this?

Sessions… of what?
Which service/application/interface?

I’d expect WebTop, the category this topic was created in.

Dumb4$$ me…
Which browser are you using, @NLS? Would you give a shot with a fresh profile and/or another one?

Chrome latest on Win10 x64.

I will try on Edge (which is also Cromium) and I can try Brave too.

Strangely enough, on my home PC it hasn’t expired yet (which is practically same setup).

Same HTML engine (Blink). Maybe not the same update but… still the same tech “under the hood” of the browser.