After installation no GUI

I have Nethserver 6.6 with I installed on Xenserver VM. The install went well but I have to set the IP to static via command line. I then rebooted, can ping the IP and the system is out on the internet. However, I cannot connect to the ip:980 and get a web GUI. Keep getting webpage is not available. Any ideas? Is there a way to tell if the webserver is running. I have no errors on boot up and everything looks clean.

Never tried on xen :slight_smile: Probably the scripts don’t work well with ethernet configuration from XEN.
Just create a record inside the networks db for your card, make sure to set the role to green.
For example:

  db networks set eth0 ethernet role green hwaddr xx:yy:27:DE:B6:51 ipaddr netmask network onboot yes bootproto static
  signal-event interface-update

See the devel manual for more information on the command:

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HMMMMM, I don’t have a /var/lib/nethserver folder.

Hei Frank, welcome…
What the hell do you have installed? :wink:
It sounds like a failed installation problem, could you please reinstall?

Ok I’ll redownload and retry

@Frank_Visconti probably ended up with a standard CentOS installation. Maybe the NethServer part of the install failed (there’s no way to detect failures in that anaconda stage).
If the problem persists, I suggest to start from a plain CentOS and install NethServer from yum:

Looks like that may be what happened. I am installing from yum as I type.
Hopefully will be complete in a few minutes. Thanks for the help.


Working great now. Thanks again for the help

Frank V

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