After all, just one virus on a computer is one too many

I have been looking at the ClamAV directory (/var/lib/clamav) and have been thinking about syncing the main.cvd, bytecode.cvd and daily.cvd to a apache host for distrubtion between my workstations / end-user desktops.

I have noticed that, within this directory, there are a number of differnt files ending with the extensions hdp, cdb ndb and ign2. I am not fimiular with these files. What are they and what software are using these files?

Also, I noticed that the daily signature file has a cld extension, is this the same file as daily.cvd?

Files are used my clamd, the Clamav daemon.
All files ares different virus signatures from various source, but I don’t how exactly it works.
Maybe @filippo_carletti can explain it better than me.

@medworthy, we are using some additional signatures for clamav, coming from different sources and protecting against different threats.
You can find a good description here:

We use only the “safe” (i.e. Low FP risk) rules.


I’d like to highlight this page: