After about 5 to 8 hours of running server stops responding

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I have already rebuilt the server 7.6 several times. After about 5 to 8 hours of running he falls completely off. See error messages

What does it mean? Could you explain what you expect and what happens instead?

It seems a normal samba services startup log: printer error messages are quite common and shouldn’t harm…

It’s your server going in shutdown or only green or red NIC card stops working?
Can you tell us your server model and NICs details?

Thanks for your quick response.
The server stops responding. Can not access him anymore. Do not see any hard disk activity anymore. Therefore, it must therefore only pull the plug.
It is a FUJITSU server.

You can access server in localhost shell?
Could you check /var/log/messages ? I think it could be a problem with NIC cards on Fujitsu servers.

Would you please expand a bit this information?
Model, configuration, bios version, disk status (number, connection, RAID setup if available)

If not, you should check your hardware. With UBCD for example you should check your RAM and the HDD.

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Thank you for your help. Have now found the error … It is a broken memory.
Have changed him and until now everything is running smoothly.

Thank you for your cooperation!!


Ok. Please close the topic marking as solution your answer.
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As Forrest Gump says: sheets, happens.

Using system with broken RAM (with no ECC) could lead to data corruption. Consider to retain a few old backups before overwrite for a while, waiting for a whole verify.

Up for @Amort_Gottfried: your NS keeps running?

Good evening, thanks for the friendly request.
The NS continued to run for a few hours and then the same collapse. Then I tried to change the NETWORK MAP and lo and behold everything is PERFECT … was probably not compatible or wrong driver.



Would you please elaborate more this? What was the “wrong-old” one and the “new-and-good” one?