After a restore, more or old instances are back

Dear community, dear developers

Unfortunately, I have to expand my request regarding “numbering” made in the “Feature” area to a (possibly) error message:

Today I tried to transfer my current Debian 12 based NS8 to a RocketLinux based NS8 system. To do this, I downloaded and used your current image. I started it and started with the item “Restore cluster”, imported the cluster backup and then selected the instances previously backed up in the SMB and restored them.

That all seemed to work very well, but when I looked through the instances I noticed that I suddenly had several Collabora instances (again) - and all with new numbering

At the last backup time (yesterday), there was exactly ONE Collabora instance on the previous NS8, this had the number 2.

On the new system there are now TWO Collabora instances, #1 and #2. According to their domain name, number 2 actually appears to be the most recently secured instance (which would be correct in terms of numbering). But No. 1 hasn’t been on the previous NS8 for many days. It was removed shortly after installation because it produced an error in Nextcloud (does not open files from external shares) and I thought “I’ll just create a new one”. Since then, the “1” has no longer been assigned by the NS8, the next attempt was the number 3, which no longer exists on the previous NS8. Based on the version status of the instances, I would think that the current No.1 was the former No.3.
Perhaps helpful hint: there were never more than 2 Collabora instances at the same time.

This is not a request for help, but rather an error notice to the developers so that they can perfect their already very good work.

If the error is my fault, please let me know. You don’t want to have any problems with possible later backups (by then you’ll usually have enough of them).