Advise on databases SQLite vs mysql vs postgres

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: nethserver-mysql

Upfront my question actually does not involve a nethserver-module…
Some non nethserver applications do not work with the stock mariadb or start to complain about it, Newer Gittea versions won’t work ( Specified key was too long ), my non-nethserver mail setup starts to throw warnings.

Besides this plan to (re)start running my own Certificate Authority again using xca this time exploring to deploy a external database for it. For this I like to have a tls connection to the DB.

So my question are:

  • Which of these db engines {SQLite mysql10.x postgres} can you advise to use and why?
  • If it is postgres is the (centos) stock a save choice or move to the latest scl right away?
  • What are the limitations of SQLite

Take in to consideration I might need to migrate the DB with all my email in it (although this can also be done with a dump to / import from a pst).

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Each project has its requirement based I think on the knowledge of the lead developer, so install the three known databases, sqlite, mariadb and postgresql, but you will miss all other *SQL

really old, I tend now to go to the scl, normally available on my repository for mariadb and officially for postgresql 12 in NS project

we tend to say it is not done for huge and insane access, however it is the database of fail2ban

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Thank you,

my gut-feeling was in this direction… Am least familiar (= not :flushed: ) with postgres, the projects seem to favor it.

(for others keep you recommendations coming. :grinning:)

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the concern with postgresql is that it is not incorporated inside the official backup of NS, you have to think on it. after all you have on my repo the equivalent phpmyadmin for postgresql

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