Advice on Zabbix trigger using items from different templates

Hello Chat,

I’m using Zabbix 6 LTS on a separate server (not on my Nethserver). I’m working on a trigger to help me determine a host is truly down using two items which would result in a disaster alert:

Zabbix Agent on the host is not responding
Ping from host is not responding

There already are triggers for each of these items. But what if my zabbix agent stops working. While this can be a high alert for me to investigate I would want a way to double check my host and truly see if it’s down. I thought I could leverage the two items above to help me. So I created the following trigger (for now just tesint on my Linux Agent Template) using this expression:

last(/Linux by Zabbix agent/zabbix[host,agent,available])=0

But I don’t think I’ve created this expression properly to alert on my Zabbix Agent not being available and for ICMP Ping to the host.

Can anyone provide assistance on what expression I can use to help me satisfy these requirements. Or if anyone has a better solution to alert (disaster) on host down without only relying on the Zabbix agent?

Thank you.

To recap, here are the requirements for this new trigger:

Check Ping
Check Zabbix agent availability
if both of the above items fail a critical alert will be created.

I know I’ll receive a high alert for ping and a high alert for the Zabbix agent not running. But I’d like to combine these two item checks in a trigger to give me a disaster alert if both are down. In this way I can be more sure that the host is really down and not just that the agent isn’t running.

I tried the following expression:

last(/Linux by Zabbix agent/zabbix[host,agent,available])=0 and last(/ICMP Ping/icmpping)=0

But I received an error that said “Trigger “Ping and Agent Not Responding” belong to templates with different linkages.​”

@Andy_Wismer or @mrmarkuz , have you by chance created a trigger similar to what I’m trying to do? Any advice for me on what expression would work?

Thank you.


I have, but I’ll have to come back to you later, visitors at the moment…

My 2 cents

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Thanks very much @Andy_Wismer . Much appreciated.

It would appear that I may need to link two templates together possibly. I can see where to do this but linking for example the Linux Agent Template and the ICMP Ping template will not link. Or maybe I’m not linking these together properly. :slight_smile:

Hello @Andy_Wismer ,

gentle poke to see if you would be willing to share how you created a trigger across two templates (linked perhaps?) to allow a disaster alert only when both items are down?

Thank you.


Hi Charles

I was hoping to have some spare time to do that this weekend - been a busy week…

My 2 cents

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Thanks Andy. Much appreciated! Whenever you have time.

BTW, I found from the PVE HTTP Template I mentioned to you earlier that this template shows the status of each VM (running or stopped). I’m hoping to put in place the ability to send a script/instruction to PVE that when a certain VM is down to restart it again.

I’m also working with the creator of the PBS template to better understand the permissions needed from the API token to receive more data into Zabbix from PBS. Right now I can see the datastore size but I’m looking to fix some errors I see on failed tasks not working from the API into Zabbix.

Lots of interesting solutions to be found between Proxmox and Zabbix these days. :slight_smile:

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