Adminer for proxy Apps-Alternative for phpMyadmin

Adminer here adminer is lightweight and can be used for multiple instances.

One of my concerns with Ns8 implementation was that, for the Apps that have a need for database access, implementing phpmyadmin for or with all those apps does not make sense, as it adds significant overheads on the system, and consumes resources.

@stephdl what do you think about implementing adminer for the apps that require database access, instead of phpmyadmin, since its heavy.

we could then expose it similar to how netdata was done initially, using a generated link, that way, unless someone has the link, they may not be able to access it.

this would or could then be ported to other existing apps.

Does this make sense?

this can be done to manage other modules if the module open a port in the FW and you encrypt the data under TLS. If you plan to use it on the localhost why not but in this case one instance of adminer per module which is similar to phpmyadmin

add a web management of the database is a design choice of the developer but any sysadmin could add a container with phpmyadmin/… even after the developer. Just a matter to make a systemd template to patch the module systemd service and add the new service inside the pod

this can be documented and it is not so hard to do

Then maybe we could have this done, would be much better for the users. and the user could remove or add at will when needed.

isnt adminer smaller and more comact than phpmyadmin…
it could fit better the bill of adminer per module