Admin User in NExtcloud for ns8

While installing Nextcloud on NS8,
I am prompted for user domain to chose

the options are nextcloud itnernal user and a chosen Directory provider.

WHen i chose a Ldap provider, and i login into nextcloud with the administrator user, I notice that they do not have administrative rights on Nextcloud

Trying to login with admin and pwd Nethesis,1234 is not possible

So, what exactly is the administrative user for nextcloud, and was this parameter changed?

@davidep could you help review this kindly, cause i am lost as to how this is implemented for nextcloud

I don’t know how it is implemented. The manual says

As default, Nextcloud has its own user database. You can also connect the instance to an existing user domain: all users from the domain will be able to login with their own credentials. The built-in admin user is always enabled. – Nextcloud — NS8 documentation

this is weired, i did not change the dafult password,
I used the preffered domain,

login using the domain admin user has no administrative rights,

trying to login using the internal user, not able to login