Admin@domain vs administrator@domain accounts

Hey all, I’m new to Nethserver, I work for an MSP in New Zealand and we’re going to be putting Nethserver in at one of our sites if it works the way I hope then we’ll probably put it in many sites.

all i did was install latest nethserver in a VM on a xenserver host, log in with root user and added an Active Directory domain controller; now there appear to be two users, admin@domain.x and administrator@domain.x. i’m not sure if they were both there before installing the domain controller.

why are there two and do i have to keep both? if so what are they for?


nevermind, sorry. i’m reading the fine manual now. thanks

Please, explain here what you found for the next who search the same question…with the relevant pointer

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After installing Samba Active Directory, the Users and groups page has two default entries; both are disabled: administrator and admin. “Administrator” is the default Active Directory privileged account and is not required by NethServer; it is safe to keep it disabled. “admin” is defined by NethServer as the default system administrative account. It is member of the AD “domain admins” group. See Admin account section for more details.

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Thanks Markus yes that’s exactly what I found when I read the docos. Thanks for putting in the link for me :slight_smile:

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