Additional Nic + VPN & Proxy roles


I didn’t include it in my initial setup, but I plan to add a second network card to one of my Neth servers.

The main purpose of this system will be to act as as OpenVPN client and link to our Central Office’s NethServer.

First of all I would like to ask if any of these cards would be preferred over the rest (not much choices down here…)

  • Pci-e Encore Enega 1320
  • Pci-e Realtek RTL 8111
  • Pci-e Tp-link Tg3468

Also I’d like to know if there is any known problem having the system act as a VPN client AND proxy server (for both http and https).

I ask because I assumed this should be perfectly possible, but then I stumbled with this thread where it is discussed the need for a different implementation and even a downgrade to an earlier version:

Thanks in advance.

It’s hard to suggest a board without knowing the chipset, but I think they’re all god nowadays.

The tproxy implementation referred in the post is a fully transparent box, something you put between the network firewall and the lan, a system without an ip address. It’s not your case.

if you can, buy an intel chipset based board…


Thank you guys!

(So far the only Intel Gb cards I´ve found in the area are PCI and not Pci-E and the boards only has Pci-e slots)


Hello @MadOp, I’m not really an expert here nor do I recommend something. I would just like to bring-up that since NS is based on RHEL/CentOS, you’ll probably have to look if the card is supported by these. Below are the results of searches I made:

CentOS/Redhat - Link to
CentOS - Realtek RTL8111B / RTL8168B NIC

Hope this have been helpful.



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