Adding Other Hard drives to the gui as an Optional Backup solution

Greetings I love just about everything so far with the exception of one major thing that stands out…

Under the backup Gui for automated backup for some reason you guys only like USB drives or Samba type backup…

Just not what I would do… I have dual hard drives in raid available to this machine I would much rather back this up to the secondary drive than to put it across a network some where or place it on a thumb drive…

What i have done to help with this solution is I have automated Vsphere to make an image of the entire Operating system every day deleting images that are 30 days old… Not exactly the best solution but its all i got outside of running some cron with a dd command every week.

You can do it on NS 7.
Just create a filesystem on top of the raid (see and the device will be available inside the backup target list.


I guess i am on 6.8… Where is the Neth Server 7? is it possible to upgrade with out loosing all my work? Is NS 7 stable?

NS7 beta1 will be available in the next hours (if sourceforge will be up again).

For now there is no path for migration from NS 6.8.


ah thanks yea Sourceforge has been down for several hours almost a day we were talking about this a few hrs ago… About 9 am cst time is when we noticed the site outage…

Here we are!