Adding extra mail address for alerts, is possible?

The alerts arrive in the work mail with which I register my server. But I would like to add an additional account that informs me more quickly, say gmail.
Is this possible?


I do not recall it, probably not :thinking:

@edoardo_spadoni @alefattorini do you remember it?

No, it’s not possible at the moment

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So, as a work around, if your mail server is NethServer, you can use a mail alias for a group of people or a public mailbox.

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Workaround act 2 if the mailbox is not hosted by NethServer: Rules on the recipient mailbox.

Thank you all.
Our mail server isn’t NethServer.

It’s one option, not what I need right now.
But if for some unexpected cause, like electrical failure, my mail server does not receive notice from the portal, the problem will be unknown for many hours.

And, It’s been a while since Gmail doesn’t accepted our remail. I’ll try again to create some filters that will forward the mail to gmail.

Adding an aditional gmail address to get an “instant” notice of gmail on my celphone will be more useful.

Maybe Nethesis has another tool or API to monitor our server? :thinking: :popcorn:

Sadly, this mail server has problems with the rules, if the trafic is somehow high (many message into the inbox at the same time) the rules aren’t triggered correctly on each message .

Create another email address outside the mail server, with rules for forwarding the messages to the mailserver? There are plenty email services (protonmail, if you are concerned about security)
This is not the solution for both problems (more email address into settings, limping mail server), but could solve the issue you’re facing.

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I’m going to look into this further. Thank you.
(although it’s similar to what I indicated above, that gmail doesn’t accept them from our mail server, It’s a bit picky)

That makes that server a bit more than limping…

@MrE consider to make review your email server via