Adding a route just for one site

(Lewis) #1

I have a network, all sites are going through my NS gate way accept my emails they are going through another smaller bandwidth modem. I have a particular website that I would like it to go through the smaller bandwidth "’ which is direct to the ISP that hosts our site.

I tried adding the route in DOS but it stopped walking after about a month, DOS route (route ADD MASK is there a way I can do something like this on the NS gateway just for that site?

(Renan Azedo ) #2


I,m not shure.

You tried it?

It’s not my case, and my server is in production.
So I can´t test.

(Lewis) #3

Yes I tried that and it didnt work… Will keep on trying.

(Filippo Carletti) #4

We need to know all details of your configuration.
Static routes always work.

(Lewis) #5

Thank you filippo it has been sorted out.