Adding a replica of the samba-dc to a second node

Hi, i´m trying to set up a replica of the first ad-dc on a second node, but get stuck in the web-ui.
I can select the second node to deploy the account-provider, i am able to enter the administrator account, password and hostname for the second dc, but when i click on “Configure provider” the webinterface doesn´t recognize the butto to be pressed and doesn´t continue.

Did i try it the wrong way or did i encounter some kind of bug?

Second observation:
-the mail app-complains about not having an accound-provider installed, so it doesn´t start.
-when trying to add another instance of the account provider, the name for the host increases, the first dc is dc1, second dc2… even while not beeing added, as an dc, the numbering for the hostname increases.

Yes IIUC it’s the bug described here

The fix is in the testing repository and will be released soon in core 2.0.0.

It’s a different issue.

If I remember correctly, the DC host name can be set as wanted before the DC is provisioned.

The numbering reflects the Samba module instance identifier, it’s generated from it, so it is global to the whole cluster.