Adding a Red lan

ok, need some help here, im running Nethserver on a vm server, when i set it up it only lets me set a green nic. when i go in and set the 2 nic card to red i lose everything. the Green lan will never be part of any network as it is in a data center.

Hello Kris,

A very short answer (I go to work) from here: Trying to setup Virtualbox for NethServer VM

It was for VirtualBox but the principle is the same for any VM.

Maybe it helps you.

"If you want to use the new VM as Firewall, after first login, you must add and set a new Green interface; after that, you must change eth0 from Green to Red (you cannot change from Green to Red before add a new Green interface).

Attention: you must set additional interfaces in VM VirtualBox if you want to build a Virtual Network. In VM VirtualBox, the additional interfaces will be attached to Internal Network. These interfaces will be used in NS VM for Orange, Blue, Green."

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@GG_jr @Alejandro_Guerra, Thanks you for gettting back. When i add the The green ETH1 and set it, it gets to 54% (ppo) and then i lose the web interface. page not found. ETH1 IS our xenserver pool network, the ip is for ETH1

What do you guys think is happening?



It’s a problem of routes.
Your station is connected on a green side, and probably have an internet access. When you create a red nic in the Nethserver instance, this one lost its routes during the modification.

One way to not lost the connection could be to create a second green nic, like this, The Ns will not change its routes. Only after, you could creates the routes and change the zone of the Nic.

So you say add two green nic cards?. When i do that it locks up the web server. Im still a little lost?

how did you add the second nic?
Did you create a virtual nic attached to the first one?
Or did you add a nic in the vm, the container?

I think it’s better to recreate the vm directly with two distints nics.

in xenserver i added a virtual nic, when NS loads up i edit the eth1 with a ip, eth0 is set up in the install. this is a brand new install, @Jim

@Jim @GG_jr

OK i got it all working Now, here is what i did. in the install i set up eth0 with the internet ip, i let the set up go. Then i putty in and set all the other ip eth1 and eth2. then i ran the set from the web, work great :smile: now all i need to do is get th vpn working right

Good to know! :smile: Please mark the reply that solves the problem, thanks!