Add secure option for FTP (FTPS/SFTP)

Can you add security possibilites for unsecured FTP?

  • FTPS
  • SFTP

There are custom templates instructions already - just for info:

@mrmarkuz Thanks but I request directly in Nethtgui/Cockpit with personal modifications for all people :slight_smile:

It is to improve security of the old unsecured 21 port.

At the times of virtual hosts implementation in ns7 we were thinking about FTPS, but then decided to not implement it because of the availability of a valid and simple alternative: SFTP. Furthermore, as FTP is clear-text, FTP-only accounts are used.

Host companies have added the support of secure connections.

…and Neth already has this as well, via SFTP. This is already there.

… i looked for SFTP into documentationd and i were… clueless.
There’s FTP…

But i did not found SFTP.

sftp is there by default and there’s nothing to configure. It’s part of ssh, so uses the “regular” users defined to the system.


I have created an account here:

Badly, the user can not connect in SFTP.

The users created on those pages only have ftp access, for security reasons.

Because sftp is part of ssh, it uses the system users.


So it is not good.

For security, the goal of the ticket is to add right to users to connect with secure FTP :wink:

Actually everything should be a matter of user right or participation in specific groups.
Like what is done with secure systems for decades (including Linux that Nethserver is built over).

Of course, I do not speak about root account of the server.
I speak about users from Netgui/Cockpit (LDAP/AD).

Ok, but why not using sftp which is already implemented and available?

Why is FTPS important? What is it good for and what are we missing with similar file sharing solutions like SFTP, Nextcloud, Samba.

Which, once again, they already have. What isn’t there (and I don’t see any particular reason it should be) is dedicated users whose only ability is to log in that way.

When we create an user in FTP part (Nethgui/Cockpit), the SFTP or FTPS do not work.
There is no option to enable/disable:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • FTPS

Correct. Why do they need to? System users (the ones who can log in via SSH) are able to use SFTP. What use do you see for other users who can only do SFTP?

About SFTP, I do not speak about system users, I speak about users/groups from LDAP/AD.

System users /= Users/Groups from LDAP/AD

OK, for “system users”, read “users created through the GUI.” That’s what I get for truncating my thoughts. Those users (which are in some form of LDAP storage, either OpenLDAP or AD) have the ability to log in via SSH, and therefore also the ability to use SFTP. You’re asking for the ability to create separate users to do SFTP. Why?