Add second red nic

I have set up my neth server with 1 red and 1 green interface and everything appears to be running properly. I have a zentyal server that is dying on me and I want to move the internet interface (from a different isp) from that machine to my spiffy new neth server, essentially adding a second red interface. I looked thru the how-to’s and faq’s and didn’t seem to find what I’m looking for with the search parameters I’m using, add second red nic, etc. Is there a handy-dandy guide for doing what I want to do?

On what hardware did you set up your nethserver? Is it a physical instance or a Virtual instance?
Do you have a physical spare network interface on your NethServer?
If you have a spare network interface, it should show up in the Configuration / Network section of the servermanager webinterface. There you could activate it and configure the interface.
After that, you can go to Gateway / Multi WAN section and set up the second RED interface behavior.

This is a physical installation and I haven’t installed the nic yet. I was trying to gather some background info prior to shutting down the server and wasn’t sure if there was anything special I need to do.

I got it installed, but the system decided to swap my nic cards around. Until I had figured out what happened I wasn’t able to access the system. It looks like thing are working so far. Now I just have to figure out getting the mail from the second domain to flow properly.