Add port(s) through web interface?

Hello all,

I’ve recently found the Nethserver and I really like it. I’ve installed it and now I am in a process of fine-tuning some details. For certain reason, the internet provider allows me to VPN through the port 1195 only (not the standard one 1194). Is there any way how to add that port through the web interface please?
I have to admit I am quite noob in Linux … so I could try that way as well, but I would prefer web-interface solution if possible please.

Thank you for help!

Hi @MarianH you want to access a VPN connection from outside it?

If this is true, you should only create a port forwarding, the incoming connection will use the 1195 and redirect to your host on port 1194


change port udp



Hola Jose,

thank you for advice. Actually it hasn’t come to my mind I could write there another port.
I was wondering … in case I add there 1195 as you show above … shouldn’t I allow that particular port in ‘network services’? I am not sure if it would work if I don’t let the communication through.
Unfortunately there is no possibility to click something like ‘add new port’ in the ‘network services’.

if you change the port as prompted automatically activate services



Good point. Got it. Thank you!