Add Firewall rules

This may well sound like a very stupid question, so here goes…up to very recently I had two firewall in place. The first guarding the whole network / DMZ and acting as the gateway, which I regularly check, and the second being the Nethserver firewall between the DMZ and Lan. As I am in the process of renewing the first firewall I started to wonder about the Nethserver firewall.

So here is the question, do I actually need to do anything to the Nethserver firewall or does it act from default. Secondly can I actually get my hands dirty and block IP addresses from suspected hackers…do I need to add rules?

Hi @Bluelake,

In short, it works out-of-the-box. But some concepts are required to make it work correctly. The NethServer firewall behaviour is described here

Of course you can create customized rules. I’m not sure doing it by hand is viable: attackers IPs change frequently!

For instance, was scanned by 244 unique IPs in 6 hours yesterday, knocking 30 different TCP ports.

Yep, its getting pretty bad out their, I think I need to study firewall rules a bit. I am in the process of installing a perimeter firewall on a separate box, possible IP-fire or pfSense to protect my DMZ and LAN with Nethserver firewall protecting my inner circle computers…

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