Add DKIM for Nethserver 7 Rc1


I have read the Topic “MailServer Configuration (autodiscover, SPF, DKIM)” it is too much information.

Please recommend which command that correct for Nethserver 7 Rc1?


@filippo_carletti already answered here:

We’re planning new features for the mail server module to release during the ns7 lifecycle. DKIM could be one.


We should scan all requests received and evaluate them. That would be a great addon, very requested.

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Hi @Ya_Ley

Was this information helpful? Was this information helpful? let us know about your experience. :wink:

Hi Enzoturri

I am waiting new features

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i am wating a new module dkim

I also want to see

That’s the official discussion.

You mean create a module and a web interface to activate it?
What about starting from a simple “set prop”? What does it involve @filippo_carletti?