Add allowed ip range for phpmyadmin/urbackup/phpldapadmin

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: phpmyadmin

Hi everybody,

I enjoy using nethserver more from day to day. Great work. Many thanks to everybody contributing…

I connect to my home network via vpn so my ip range is different from my home network. I know that I have to change the settings in the configured-files of https but these files get regenerated and my settings are lost.

I added the ip range to the trusted network setting but I still cannot access the web apps like phpldapadmin/urbackup or phpmyadmin.

Can I use “config set …”? If yes what are the values to set?


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You can use openvpn by a bridged mode and you will have the same ip range

Else add the other network range to the known network and it will be accepted. Probably you will need to reapply the specific signal-event that you can find in the wiki page of the web application

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as a side note for me, I could expand the apache vhost on the event ‘trusted-networks-modify’

@giacomo with *vpn, the network is not added automatically to the trusted network ?
does the ‘trusted-networks-modify’ is launched when a vpn event is triggered. I suppose that the case is handled also with nethserver-virtualhosts


Thank you Stephane,

I do not use the vpn service from nethserver, so the trusted-networks are not modified.
I´ll try the bridged vpn but expanding the vhosts with the trusted networks would be great.

yes I tend to mark your post as a bug, let’s wait inputs of others

VPN network is automatically addedd to the thrusted network:

Almost no core web application uses trusted network to limit the access.
But we should investigate it further.

Could you please post an excerpt of your config?

As I mentioned in my first post in this Topic at least phpldapadmin and urbackup cannot be accessed because the ip-range used when connecting via vpn (via vpn server on a pfsense appliance, not the one from nethserver) isn´t in the allowed ip-range in the according conf file from httpd… I added the ip-range to trusted-networks but it isn´t added to the conf-file

normal because you need to manually expand again the relevant templates by

  • phpmyadmin
    signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-update

  • urbackup
    signal-event nethserver-urbackup-update

  • phpldapadmin
    signal-event nethserver-phpldapadmin-update

the question now is do we manually need to expand these templates automatically following the change of the trusted networks. I guess yes

@giacomo do you get my point ?

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I’ve got your point, you need to link the expansion of all relevant templates inside the trusted-networks-modify event.

But I also found a bug following your indications (which is not relevant for @schweidj):

So you were right, there is (also) a bug!


@schweidj could you please help us to test the new package?

You can follow this general workflow