Adblocking with DNS?

What do you do to block ads in web sites? I do not mean the adblocker in the browser. I experimented with the NS content filter but without satisfying results.
Or is there a way to use dns for adblocking. It works great in pfsense and opensense but now I’m using NS.

You probably are hinting on pi-hole
There are a few topics on this in our forums:

Maybe somebody can have a look into this:
The very effective method of fighting ads is to add a file ad_servers.conf to /var/unbound.
Can this be taken over to NS ?

Paid version of NethServer has some similar arrangement with a payed option called Flashstart, which is quite related to Italian language and territory.
This is used for content filtering, not for adblocking, but for some kind of installation (e.g Hotspot or multisegment network, with different content filtering) ads are useful, when “controlled” by sysadmin (ads could be delivered to network client from a small set created by sponsors or subscribers).

Therefore, i don’t think that this kind of feature could be that interesting for Nethesis…

Pity enough.

This is only my opinion. Maybe in a future there will be a different explanation, or a different development/integration path

These forums are here to support the NethServer project. Although Nethesis is by far the biggest contributor to the NethServer code, there is nothing against adding new features like pi-hole to NethServer.
I don’t know if the opnsense solution can be added, but we could try and find out where we end up. I think pi-hole actually can work on NethServer. If anyone can install pi-hole, please share your findings in a howto.

I just installed pi-hole in a proxmox lxc container. It works well, but as explained in your link
you need a separate vm or container for this whereas unbound ad fitering like in opnsense runs on the same machine and integrates fine. What it does is the same and as effective as pi-hole.