AD users not able to login in centos 7

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)

I am able to join computers running centos 7 to domain but when i login with domain users screen bounce back to login screen after showing “Creatin home directories”. But with windows systems its working perfectly fine.

Please try to login with ssh first, and have a look if the home directory for the user is beeing created at this moment. After that try to join the computer.

Home directory is not created

Have you checked the creation of home directory after windows login?
Then you could try to login an user at a windows-mashine and after that the same user
at a centos mashine.

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I tried but of no use

Same error with “creating home directories”?

Seems like your users have no shell access. If that’s the case, please refer to this thread:

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davidep your answer seems to solve my problem but now i am gettin “Permission denied” error on login as domain user in centos 7

Sorry I don’t understand: can you describe what’s happening? Where do you see the error message? What are you trying to do?

when i login with domain user eg. username@domain.local in ssh then i get error “Permission Denied”.

Do you get a shell anyway? Or ssh is disconnected after the error?

Please run

sss_cache -E

Then paste here output of

getent passwd  username@domain.local

And try again

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–admin@domain.local: /var/lib/nethserver/home/admin: change directory failed. No such file or directory
Logging in with home = “/”.

this is the error i get when i login with admin user and rest users i get “Permission Denied”. These errors i get when i login with terminal.

Looks like the same error as before, homedirectory is not created.

Could you have a look at the following tutorial:

I think creating the home directories manually and give them the rights manually like in the tutorial could be a try.