Ad user on ubuntu machine

NethServer Version:
Module: AD

hello there fellows, i successfully joined an AD with ubuntu 19.04 from your tips (fausp and the rest of the team nethserver), and after i have joined the ad i already have the AD users created, i created a new one on nethserver i was able to log on into windows vm with the new user but into the ubuntu vm i does not see him if i put Domaine\user and password he doesn’t shows him i have logged into the machine with local user, and i wrote into the terminal the other users as like “id anna@ad.domain.local”, and it shows her as like the others but the new one does shows the user on logon machine…well some times also i have a vm problem on when i log into local user (sometimes black screen, sometimes i think due to upgrade on pam_auth_xml … it overwrites the configs …), the rest of the users that i have after join this vm to AD samba work, very well…somethimes also too i need to reboot three times sometimes, maybe an problem in virtualbox or other thing help dear brotherhood …
I seems that i have ophaned inode its shows to me clearing orphaned inodes … and it get ubuntu logo reading stuck…weird thing

solved the freezed ubuntu loop problems option nested paging option on virtualbox, on processor

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