AD Host Discovery

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: Fileserver

Hi All,

After setting up afileserver on a ad domain with a functional level of server 2016 I notice I can’t see my nethserver fileserver from windows auto discovery (in windows explorer network).

I’ve doen some reading up and this appears to be because later versions of windows don’t support discovery by NETBIOS name.

I found a project here:

That adds support for web service discovery but didn’t want to duplicate functionality that already exists so my question is is there already a way of doing this?

If not I’ll go ahead and add the wsd daemon.

It’s not supported within Samba and I didn’t find code containing wsd on NethServer github so I don’t think this feature is implemented

Please share your work. I changed the topic from support to feature request.

I think we do not have such thing. Since the software is a simple python script, I think you can add it to the installation without much troubles :wink:

To be hionest I thought it was a pretty cool little script and like you say easy to implement but I didn’t want to duplicate anything unneecessarily.

Do you think it’s maybe worth adding to future releases of nethserver?

I don’t know, nobody requested it before :slight_smile:

Let’s start with an howto, if many people will use it, we will try to turn it into a module :wink:

Got it tested working and converted to a systemd service to start at boot. So can write that up here if you like .


Here’s a recent article with examples (gentoo and debian-based distros) on using wsdd:

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That’s a good comprehensive article, I already have it all working using sumilar methods but it might help others who need it.

I think maybe a lot of people end up just putting up with things like poor host discovery in windows networks but using this makes it work more how it should do in the first place :slight_smile: