AD Home directory mapping

I’ve never used AD or central user authentication before. I have AD setup and a windows 10 machine connected. However no home folder appears to be mapped inside ‘/var/lib/nethserver/home’, however i would like to map all user directories to a local freenas server, is this possible or do they need to be part of the nethserver system?



Hi Richard and welcome to the NethServer community.

As with a real Windows AD Server, you can simply install Microsoft’s RSAT Tools on any Win10 box.
If you log in with a user with Domain Admin permissions, you can tweak almost anything in AD with that tool, including different “Home” drives (Or any drive mapping required for that matter!).

The Home directories would be easier to handle if your FreeNAS (Now TrueNAS, I also use that!) is also a member of your AD. (Permissions, etc).

Hope this helps!

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