ActiveSync Webtop ID

NethServer Version: 7.4.1768 final
Module: webtop5

Hi, sorry for my bad english.
I have a fresh install of nethserver.
I install webtop5 module. If i connect to the web server, the user is ok.
I need to configure outlook 2016 with EAS. But when i connect, outlook say bad username or password ?
I wrote the same username as the web server.

If i install Sogo and uninstall webtop, i have the same problem.
Have you an idea of the problem ?
Thank for your help !

Hi @Goulwen_Jouan,
synchronization via EAS is only supported for mobile devices, Outlook is not supported, see note in the manual here: WebTop 5 — NethServer 7 Final

to authenticate with EAS remember to use the full domain username (see manual here: WebTop 5 — NethServer 7 Final

Also if you also install SOGo remember this: WebTop 5 — NethServer 7 Final

Hi lucag.
I have test with imap or pop3.
I Have the same probleme.
My AD is
My domaine email is
But i have in the same nethserver the ad and mail.
it’s better to have separate server or to reset the config ?

Take a look at the manual here and check the configuration you are using on your email client.

Account provider and mail server can easily be on the same server :wink:

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Thank for your answer ! that OK now. Android Outlook and Thunderbird.
Only message with android and outlook client with the certificat. "the certificat is invalid the domain is different or expire…"
I will change that after all my test.

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Hi Goulwen, how’s it going?
Did you fix your cert then?

Hello, sorry I was sick, I didn’t have time to look. You have to go in certificate from the web interface? to change it ? it’s with let’s encrypt ?