Activesync synced just 1 month of my calendar on Android


I have successfully installed and synced Sogo with Thunderbird. I have also created an Exchange account on my Android. But this only imported 1 previous month of my calendar, even if I have checked to sync everything. Now, if I create an event 3 months ago, I can see it in Thunderbird, but still no luck with all my old previous events!
Anyone have a solution for that? Thanks in advance.

Sogo 2.2.15 is available to test
(Alessio Fattorini) #2

That’s odd, which kind of OS do you have on your android? Version?


Hi Alessio,
Sorry not to have replied earlier, but I did not see your post.
I have CarbonRom 4.4.4, which is not exactly CM, but close.


I had another issue: all my contacts were erased suddenly, and reappeared after syncing. It took a whole day to have back everything. It happened again once, and I moved to dav-sync (DavDroid). It works fine, but I would prefer ActiveSync.

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

CalDAV is much more tested, this behaviour sounds strange though.


I will check on Sogo’s website and test on other Android devices as well.