Active directory Problem

It can’t resolve it. What I need to do?

Can it resolve other public domains?

Others yes

You can try changing NethServer DNS settings.
Is NethServer behind a proxy/firewall?

Maybe related? Failed connection to from Russia

No, it’s not behind a proxy/firewall.
I have set dns

Yes, also this

Try to join your AD with older Gui ipnethserver:980 with an free ip again…

I join from the older Gui… Each time I didn’t try to join AD on gui 9090

Hi Vitor,

I you tried an IP and it failed, then you have to change for another IP because I think the installation remembers the previous IP.

The best way is to have a virtual machine to try things, then you can go back to a previous state if something fails.

Not sure, but I think the DHCP always tests if the IP is taken before issuing it to a client?


Hello Marc, Until now I didn’t had problems at all with this config… Awkward behavior, but as robb has said, the best pratice is to maybe assign out of dhcp scope reducing dchp scope itself

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@Vitor_Hugo_Barbosa @michelandre
Maybe I am ‘old school’. My first encounters with DHCP are from Windows NT3.5 and NT4 era. And back then it was considered ‘best practice’ to have you fixed addresses not inside the scope of your DHCP range. Maybe it’s not necessary anymore because DHCPd is a bit ‘smarter’ nowadays, but I still think it would be good practice to have your DHCP scope not overlap fixed addresses, just for your own administration. I think it is good practice to even decide what kind of devices get what ip addresses.
For instance:
gateway: always x.x.x.1
DC: always x.x.x.2
DHCP: if not on the same as DC, always x.x.x.3
servers with local services: x.x.x.10 -x.x.x.19 (better put them in a seperate VLAN with a gateway at x.x.x.10)
printers: x.x.x.20 - x.x.x.49
DHCP scope: x.x.x.50 - x.x.x.250