Active Directory Ports - NethServer IP or AD Container IP?


(Ken Adams) #1

Microsoft page with defined ports needed for common Active Directory related ports needed for proper communication and domain join.

Question: When adding new rules to our network firewalls on our internal LAN, what IP are we targeting here with the way NethServer runs AD in a separate container with it’s own IP?

Do we use NethServer VM IP for all ports?
AD container IP for all?
Mixture of both depending on the ports?

(Markus Neuberger) #2

The Nethserver (domain member) uses following ports:

For the AD container:

(Ken Adams) #3

Awesome! Thanks Markus

To the NethServer website admin or other project devs, these links should go in official how to docs or the manual somewhere. (Unless it is somewhere that I didn’t find)

(Markus Neuberger) #4

You’re welcome. If you like to contribute:

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