Active Directory does not allow dns queries from computers on lan network

So it resolves internal addresses, but not external.
Only for trying, please set DNS at a client manually to and try if you reach external addresses like after it?

I think external addresses are your problem, or not?

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Not quite, I just noticed that I am using Google Chrome to access the webinterface, which uses and before using the local network it’s DNS. So I then tried it with Firefox, and I can’t access {host}.{domain}.{tld}:980

Pardon me for the confusion, I did not notice any sooner.

Is your domain only internal or external too? If it is an external domain have a look here:

And for others who read this and try to help, here a link to your other thread:

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I kind of went another way and re-installed Nethserver, checking the clients ability to request dns queries allong every part of the initial configuration, active directory implementation etc. Apparently there was never a problem… It was a custom firewall on the device itself that did not autostart when Windows did. If I knew sooner that this was the problem, I would not have posted, sorry for this.

Anyway, thanks for the help and again sorry for taking up precious time.

nice to hear that you have solved your problem.

It is good that you have posted it, because if others have the same problem it can help them.

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