Active Directory - Change email on users

NethServer Version: 7

Dear Team,

I am trying to install the active directory that comes with the server,
I am having issues to have username emails customised, as I am completely blocked in adding a custom email.
I have several users that doesn’t have the same email domain that I have,
How I can I modify this?



you cannot have several domain name email like this with nethserver, you must create a first domain for the server and use alias to create the correct domain name could be an alias of

go to : email address > mail aliases

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Thank you for your Response.
I understand however your mentioning this for the email domain.
I would like to know if there’s a chance to have multiple domains for the active directory. It seems it’s blocked entirely. If I add domain aliases will it work withe Gmail adresses and other domain?

Also I don’t want to run an email server from there.
I checked what you told me and I don’t have the option. Probably because I didn’t install emails.

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you need to install nethserver-mail, but indeed your question is only related to active-directory, probably with nethserver-phpldadadmin you could change the mail field property in the samba AD, but I do not know what issue you could have later.

the field to modify is userPrincipalName, I bet you could break something :smiley:

Is there a way to make this without having to install additional software?

You may change the field from command line with ldbmodify:

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Thank you, I had a look at your solution, unfortunately this is not working for me, I don’t have any files in that folder as recommended.
Furthermore, I am not using samba, nor emails,
My server is providing a web solution with nextcloud and other web based services.
The fact that I want to create a bind between the ldap is to have more control like a jump cloud solution.
The option of not being able to create the domain name is especially difficult as it creates a local email account for the client and I cannot change this after.
As I am providing web service to people that have their own email profiles such as some gmail, or other domains, I want to have the system sending them password and welcome email.
My domain doesn’t run emails on the machine.
I also don’t want to have my clients using other emails.

I also tried to install phpldapadmin module, and I get a php error when I try to login.

I am currently using jump cloud solution as a side service, however this is an inconvenient solution as it is 3USD per users. I’d like to run my own solution.

Please let me know if there is something else that I could do.

Thank you

Well others could clarify but I feel what you intend to do is not possible with nethserver.

The property in samba is used to authenticate users in the samba AD, I really do not know what it could happen.

This is the cons with distro like ns when you want to customise it, or change the default behaviour.

@davidep do you think we could change the default email address of users in samba AD

That you stephdl, however I didn’t use samba, I have an active directory

Will it be possible to change them manually in an phpldapadmin?

The userPrincipalName can be changed in AD, but be aware of this action:

There we are forcing the attribute to use the same domain suffix of NethServer. This is a requirement for mail servers which use a public DNS domain.

Yes as long as you retain the same domain suffix of NethServer (see hostname -d output).

When I try your solution with phpldapadmin I get an error which I find no support with.

What version of php do you use ?

Thank you,

However, I am not planning to have any email server running from NS. I just want to create an AD with users that have external email addresses.

Here is the php -v output:

php -v

PHP 7.2.12 (cli) (built: Nov 6 2018 16:40:25) ( NTS )

Copyright © 1997-2018 The PHP Group

Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright © 1998-2018 Zend Technologies

You upgraded php, this is the error displayed

I had a look at what you send me, however I am afraid my skills are not developed enough to understand this.
I only have basic knowledge.
If I seem to get you, you mean that the domain of the server is bound with the user email field. Thats exactly what I would like to change, like this apps like nextcloud can recognise a gmail email for one user as its login and also password recovery.

@stephdl should I do a downgrade ?

For php ugrade I did a software collection, check the wiki

Be aware that AD allows a restricted set of domain suffixes in userPrincipalName attribute. That attribute has an email address syntax but is not required to be a valid email address.