Action set-ip-address is not defined - change the IP address of the DC

NethServer Version: 8
Module: Samba
I want to change the ip address of the DC, as described in NethServer 7 migration — NS8 documentation .
The result of the command:
api-cli run module/samba1/set-ip-address --data ‘{“ipaddress”: “”}’
Warning: using user “cluster” credentials from the environment
Action set-ip-address is not defined

In notifications:
Task cluster/set-ip-address failed
Action set-ip-address is not defined

What could be the reasons for this error?

You can ask the correct action names to the agent:

api-cli run module/samba1/list-actions

There’s probably a typo in the documentation.

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Thank you, the correct syntax is
api-cli run module/samba1/set-ipaddress --data ‘{“ipaddress”: “ip”}’ .