Acess Modem/Router from Green/Nethserver

NethServer Version:
NethServer 7.9.2009
Module: Networking / Firewall

Hello folks! Hope all is good to everyone!

I have the following Setup:

Nethserver RED is and i have in (modem) a DMZ to nethserver.

I wish to have access to my modem from my Green Network, marked as 172.16.1.x

Is that possible, since i cant even ping my modem from my nethserver

Hello Sorry if I intrude but on red vail modem router while on green goes nethserver example red: (modem
the green
try like thi

I was thinking with some route commands… but i might try this too! Only thing is, i am 200km far away from the server! :laughing:

You can bet 200km distance on the fact that “router will answer to ping”?

Can you ping from Green to internet?

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Yup, all good, internet is working just fine there… I lost external Acess, thats why i want to see what the heck is going on in that router.

Don’t respond to ping on LAN side. Don’t respond to “external access” on WAN.
Maybe the issue could be in the router instead of into NethServer?

Yup, that was the case, i asked them to switch routers and all good now. Thanks.

But anyway, is there a way to have access to “red router” from nethserver, that would be awesome.

With default configuration on firewall should be possible…

I figured it out!

With Threat shield nethserver blocks it (IP FireHol)… i dont know why!

Im posting this, becouse it might help someone in the future! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your experience. But ThreatShield still not “default” :wink: And before this, you never mentioned.

O yeah! My bad! :slight_smile: