Accounts provider - Service Pack 1

Ok, question - fresh VM NethServer installation, updated, nethserver-testing added and i have screen like this

This is different from what @davidep has on his screenshots - did i miss something? or nethserver discovers that there is no domain controller at my network and that’s the reason why there is no option Became a DC of an existing domain?

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Still not implemented. Please wait :grin:

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aaah ok sorry about that…

Some (very) late info:
Accounts provider Samba Active Directory
Server name: JUPITER

  1. Successfully created test MYDOMAIN.LOCAL
  2. Successfully created GROUP1@MYDOMAIN.LOCAL
  3. Successfully created USER1@MYDOMAIN.LOCAL
  4. Added USER1 to GROUP1

Server name: VENUS (slave)
Accounts provider: remote OpenLDAP
Summary: nothing happens (?) - no users and groups after binding UNBIND possible

Joining to Samba AD not possible - error
My config:

Here is information about error - maybe I am doing something wrong

Windows 10 connected successfully - some corrections i have to made - first DNS pointing to AD controller

And here is Active Directory Users and Computers screen

  1. I am wondering why I cannot join another NS server to MYDOMAIN.LOCAL
  2. Only Administrator can use GPO and Active Directory Users and Computers
  3. created user dcadmin can log into Win10 without problems
  4. Administrator can log but using MYDOMAIN\Administrator as login

Not tested yet:

  1. joining Windows Server 2012 R2 to MYDOMAIN.LOCAL
  2. create domain in Windows Server
  3. join NS to WIndows Server domain

those i will try to test tommorrow.

log out :wink:


The AD administrator account is disabled in NethServer. You should use “admin”!

Do you think administrator should be enabled?

We decided to disable administrator because in NethServer the admin has always been admin. Also in ns6, to join a workstation to a NT domain we used admin. I understand that Windows sysadmins would prefer “administrator” though…

I have also tried to join domain as user admin and there was the same error message - i will try to do it once again later and give you feedback.

Correct me if I am wrong - i have enabled administrator account by giving password for him - therefore i was able to join Win10 to domain. I haven’t tested joining WinStation by using admin account but will also test it later.

That’s fine

Did you set a password for “admin”, too? A warning (yellow) reminder should appear in the Dashboard.

Yes i did - but i was wondering if i should point to original ip if this server which is or to point to NDSC server which is ?

It depends… what are you trying to do? what do you mean by point?

I want to join another Nethserver to existing Nethserver Samba AD

Please, review the new manual instructions (just merged in the “latest” branch):

Usually it is the IP address of an AD domain controller.

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thanks i will check it later (@night probably ;))

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We fixed the pending problems, everything is now rock solid! :smiley:


Wow guys - I don’t know what have you done but… everything is working just fine!
But… :wink:
(using nethserver-testing repo)

  1. After upgrading whole Samba DC broke down (using nethserver-testing)
  2. i have uninstalled it, unbridged network controller
  3. i have created the Samba AD once again (and activated only admin account)
  4. Successfuly connected secondary NS server to Samba AD (!)
  5. Successfuly connected Win10 to domain using admin account
  6. GPO and ADCaU working with admin account

everything is working even restarting ndsc - we can now throw away our MS servers :wink:

this regards nethserver-testing repo? if yes when do you plan to move it to stable release?

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