Account provider generic error: SSSD exit code 1 after hardware change

After a hardware failure I put the two disks of a little server (PDC, samba and another piece of software) in a new server.
It booted and everything works fine, also “main” network interface, but the PDC service fails to boot.
I can understand from this old post Account provider generic error: SSSD exit code 1 After Restore that I have to reconfigure the network, but I would like to make it without restoring the backup (1TB!) given that the server itself works.
Can it be done with some “magic” command from console? I think the problem is that the new server has two NIC and one overlaps the bridge.
This is the actual config:

And this is the error I get if I try to modify brdef and save:
PDC Error Image 2
Thanks in advance.

It is unusual to have two bridged interfaces, do you happen to know which one is actually connect to the “green” network?

If you ask me, i’d try to plug only one in and try to get it up and running and then decide what to do with the second interface.

if you can figure out which is connected to the lan release the role of the other interface.

The system recreated it this way. I have the cable plugged only to interface 1, interface 2 is not connected.
I will investigate and report.

The solution was so easy.
Using command config show nsdc I found the problem was the bridge name! I destroyed it and recreated, so that it’s name was br0 and everything started working again.

PS in the meanwhile I put the disks in the original hardware (which was repaired) but again the bridge had the wrong name, so I deleted all the networks but the green one and re-created the bridge.