Accessing TLS certificates

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: HTTP Routes and TLS Certificates
I am trying to operate MeshCentral on a vm (proxmox) and need a certificate to get it going.
Because I am using Nethsever I created an HTTP Route for MeshCentral and requested a certificate.
The certificate has been obtained but now I need to add it to MeshCentral’s config.json however I cannot locate where Nethserver has stored the file. Could anybody tell me how to access it?

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config.json is located in /opt/meshcentral/meshcentral-data

Hi @mrmarkuz

I think Bob is looking for the LE certificates in NethServer, as MeshCentral is installed on a separate VM, as I understannd it…

These were in NS7 in /etc/letsencrypt/archive/SERVER-FQDN/ and are in PEM format, AFAIK…

My 2 cents


Hi Bob,

I’m facing the same issue. I have Mesh Central installed and would like to use the certificates stored in the new NS8 cluster-admin certificate store.

The reason I need access to this is My pfSense has a bug with the ACME script, and doesn’t start the stand alone web server. I’ve got a certificate installed for an http route in NS8 and I thought I could access this and use it to direct users to my mesh Central instance.

However I am getting an internal server error when using the NS8 http route which I believe is due to mismatched certificates… One authentic (NS8) and one self hosted (mesh Central)

If anyone could point either of us in the right direction it’d be very much appreciated.

Sorry I couldn’t be any help Bob, but hopefully one of the Guru’s will spot this and tell us both the way to the elusive certificate treasure chest.

not very convenient but the cert are stored inside the acme.json in a podman volumes

[root@R4-pve ~]# locate acme.json