Accessing Nextcloud files using WebDAV - Mapping drives with Windows Explorer?

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: Nextcloud

I would like to map a network drive under windows 10 to be able to reach my Nextcloud files… Mapping drives with Windows Explorer

Should this work out of the box or do I have to install additional software on Nethserver?

Hi @fausp

I tried using this a while ago - just wasn’t really stable enough to be usable. Maybe in the meantime things have improved.

However: much more stable and reliable and even if Nextcloud is completly down and the database screwed - you still have full access to your files…

The trick? Using AD, Samba File Sharing on NethServer and on NextCloud External Storage.

This works very well.

Nextcloud becomes a Samba / Windows Network drive “Client”…

A small advantage: As Nextcloud also uses AD, you get the same permissions groups as for file sharing…

My 2 cents


Oh yes, I think we talked abt it some time ago! Thank you vy much @Andy_Wismer :+1:

I just had a fresh look at WebDAV on NextCloud - the problems (Gotchas) at the bottom a still quite a long list…


Do you use NextCloud in production?

Almost all my 30 clients all have Nextcloud. About 20 of them actually use it for more than distributing Adressbooks and Calendars to their Smartphones and Tablets - they intensively use the file storage.

OK, I will invest more time to learn it… Thank you for your help!

I can confirm this, one of my customers is using this too and it works very well.