Access to NextCloud from RED

Hello, I’ve installed NextCloud on NethServer.
All works good, and from my lan I can get access to NextCloud on ""
Obviously now I need to get access to NextCloud from internet.
Don’t seems a so simple task.
Because the http address for nextcloud is inside the “/nextcloud” directory
So I shoud redirect external 80 and 443 ports, that by default shows NethServer page, to “/nextcloud” subdirectory. Or alternatively move “/nextcloud” folder to httpd documents root.
So my question is : what is the right/simple/quick mode to change settings from GUI to offer nextcloud service on 80 and 443 ports of red IP address of my NethServer?


Why don’t you use https://your_external_ns_ip/nextcloud?

To allow services for public see:

Isn’t it also possible in “Network Services” in web UI? Sorry I have weak internet access at the moment, couldn’t test it or make screenshots…

Network Services, edit httpd, screenshot from mobile:

Hi, many thanks for reply.
I’m not happy to show on port 80 and 443 the default NethServer page.
Less information I offer to a random scanner is better from my point of view.
About how to redirect external ports to NethServer no problem, is like you show in image and is what I did.
Also by default the 80 and 443 ports are enabled for red zone ( I begin always to disable ) but for nextcloud I re-enabled.

I think that the solution for my request could be to modify the http configuration in order to redirect request on port 80 and 443 to “https://%{HTTP_HOST}/nextcloud”

But don’t appear as a simple matter.

OK, then you may just replace the nethserver default page with a blank page. It’s located in /var/www/html/index.html

See this thread:

Haha, yes, I imagined it to be a possible answer. I will replace with a blank page, ok.
Many thanks.

You’re welcome. If the problem is solved for you, please don’t forget to mark the answer, that helped you, as solution, so other people will find the solution easily.