Access to cockpit from outside

I hope i can explain with my suck english :slight_smile:
I have a problem for access to my nethserver from outside of the network because a day i disable this:
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Now i need to enable but i have access to server only via ssh. I have access via ssh because i connect from home, the school where server is locate is close for coronavirus.

There is a solution for re-enable via ssh?

These commands should open access to cockpit from WAN:

config setprop cockpit.socket access green,red
signal-event firewall-adjust

Just to give another option, using an SSH tunnel.


Another option:

You could also use SSH tunneling (PuTTY makes it easy for Windows users) and forward say localhost:444 to IP_OF_YOUR NETHSERVER_LAN:9090

Opening your Browser to https://localhost:444 would work then…

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It’s work!!!

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