Access host on LAN from WAN

Hi all

I want to access host is on the lan Side of the Nethserver Firewall from a laptop is connect on AP on the Wan Side of the firewall


What i need to configure on firewall to access from the laptop to the host in LAN?

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It depends on what you want to access.

There’s port forwarding (access port(s)), reverse proxy (access a website) and vpn (full access) to reach internal devices.

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Hi @mrmarkuz

I need to use a printer for print and for the moment anything else, so i thinking port forwarding is the better way in this case…
I don’t know which ports i need to open maybe i can use tcpdump to see it and open only i needed, otherwise i open all ports 1:65535

Don’t even think about opening the printer ports to the outside. In this case, it is better to use a VPN.

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I use OpenVPN :slight_smile:

Good decision!

Which printer do you use? Which OS do you use on the laptop?
Can you ping the printer by name/ip from the laptop when connected to openvpn?


Hi i have fix the problem with OpenVPN

Thanks you

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You’re welcome. If a problem is fixed please mark the posting that helped you as solution. This way we know an issue is solved and other users can find the solution easily.

Ok perfect :wink:

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