About You And Where You Want To Go

Guys I just want to get some info for myself.

Guys what do you want to achieve with nethserver

Where would like to take this software

Where do you see this developing to

What are you ultimate goals for this software

Are there any possible integrations with other developments

What big features are you planning on implementing or are considering

I ask these because I want to see and feel where neth is going and what they want to achieve and work out for my self where I can help and what things I should be looking into and researching and maybe develop these things to implement into you software

Because there is no point me looking into blockchain file storage and developing it to work with neth if this is not the direction you are going in

So I need to know where you are going so I don’t waste my time in something neth does not need

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the best oriented server linux distribution…I know it is not enough…we should envisage to put neth on the mars orbit

fun what are the usages for this


im just using it as a example to see what neth wants to achieve and what they want to implement and what the community would like for the software

Actually the big challenge is cockpit Cockpit preview. Rewrite the server-manager and all modules.

but you can check also this https://github.com/orgs/NethServer/projects/1 and this https://github.com/NethServer/dev to check what it is done, and what we are doing


Ok cool I will start looking into it over the next few coming weeks


forgot to add this https://www.nethserver.org/phone-home/index.html

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ok I will focus my time on cockpit

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