About implicantions of changing of Account Provider

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Module: Account Provider

The documentation states:

“Please choose wisely your account provider because the choice could not be reversible. Also the system will forbid any change to the FQDN after the account provider has been configured.”

So does it mean that we cannot change e.g. from Microsoft AD to SAMBA4 AD and that cannot change the domain name? If it’s so, why? Should we reinstall?

Thanks in advance

No, you can always unbind from AD/LDAP account provider and rebind. With local providers you may have to import users/groups.


If you are bound to an account provider, you are not able to change the FQDN of NethServer so just set it before bind.


Did you fully update your server? You tagged the oost as for NethServer 7.3
We live for quite some time niw with 7.4 and in this latest version it is possible with a click on a buttin to unbind from a domain (either Samba4AD or LDAP)
The warning in the documentation still holds even whit the option to unbind from account provider. Especially if you chose local account provider. You will loose all account info you created as soon you unbind.

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Sorry to insist on this. But it’s not clear for me:

We plan to migrate from Windows AD to SAMBA4. Also, we have to change the FQDN both the nethserver and the account provider (i.e. SAMBA).

Is that possible? Currently nethserver has read-only access to Windows AD.

Thanks in advance

You have to export your AD users and import them to NethServer:


As you have to setup a new local AD Account Provider you may easily change hostname and AD domain.

It’s not possible to just switch NethServer from member to domain controller and overtake the users AFAIK tough it may be a nice feature…

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