About Community/Project Governance

(Jeroen Visser) #61

I do not think I have seen any relevant information about the role of the Nethesis CEO to b honest. I only see devs asking what the community desires, and implementing it in record speed.

I think some reading about how this project is governed is required before assuming the Nethesis CEO will torpedo the project at some point … I really think you got Nethesis and it’s intentions wrong here … they benefit from this deal much as we as far as I can tell.

(Michael Träumner) #62

I fully agree with @planet_jeroen.
@developer11 You have to know, it was the company who started to build this great community. And much people work at the company give also alot support here.
Parents loves their babies, I think nethserver and the community is the baby of the company behind it.

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Ehi man a lot of people are flagging your posts asking to ban you
So far I didn’t delete any of them but I’m changing my mind :slight_smile:

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We moved forward here