A question about guacamole and VNC

I have install guacamole on nethservers and everything works fine.
I’m very happy with the result and now I can connect with SSH/RDP/VNC.

I have a strong password to login but I like to have a little more security so I have left username and password blank so it going to ask for that everytime I trying to login to one of my servers.

But the VNC have problem if I don’t have any password in the config file.

It doesn’t feel so secure so I wonder if you really have to have the password in the config file for VNC to work?

Take a look/read at this section from this guide regarding parameter tokens.

For the username and password, Apache Guacamole has a feature called parameter tokens we can use to specify the username and password without hard coding in the config files or the database. Input {GUAC_USERNAME} for the username and {GUAC_PASSWORD} for the password. This will set the value of these variables to the credentials used by the user to log into the web interface, and then use those stored credentials to authenticate to the remote machine.


Hmm ok that was something new for me :slight_smile:
Not sure if that is going to solve my problem because it just show it how it works on RDP and not VNC.
But it does solve one of my friends problem :smiley:

You know i thought about that myself after the fact and realized I missed the obvious item. There is also a utility xrdp - https://github.com/neutrinolabs/xrdp ; I’ve used on a Kubuntu install while trying to make a Guacamole video that emulates RDP on linux.


But what I do now I just login, edit the settings and then open the VNC.
And when I’m done I go to settings and remove the password :smiley: