A question about backup


(quizhead) #1

I would like to understand please how the NFS backup works,

In the “Host” I need to insert the IP of the host ? Can I use the Nethserver IP ?
In the “Share” I need to enter a shared folder name I have in Nethserver ?

Thank you.

(André Wismer) #2

In the Host put in the IP of the Backup-Server/NAS
(NOT your NethServer’s IP, that would be backing up a disk to the free space on the same disk…)

In the Share put in the NFS path to your designated Share,

I often use Synology NAS for Backups. Synology typically uses something like /volume1/Backup-Neth
Where /volume1/ is the standardardized name of the first volume on a synology. Then comes the actual share.

This is what my home NethServer looks like:
(Note: The NAS is a Thecus, they use something like /raid0/data/NAS_NFS_Exports/Backup-Neth)
The actual share I call Backup-Neth.

Full Backups are on Tuesdays, as my NAS is too full for anything else… :wink:

Hope that helps…

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Thanks for the answer
Can I make my backup to be on a shared folder that I have on Nethserver ?
I want certain user to see it from his shared folder if possible.

(André Wismer) #5


Not really, as the backup normally contains your whole NethServer files and config.

That would be like saving your Windows C: Disk on your C: Disk. If that disk crashes, so did your Backup!

I do “normal” backups for the server, for all cases and disaster recovery.

For my clients and users, I provide a weeks storage of read-only backups.
I map this Backup Folder on the Windows Clients as Drive Y:.
Due to the size, this is usually on a NAS, and NOT on the server itself!

All clients can dive into Y:, and there they will see 8 subfolders, labeled as follows:


The stff in those folders is rsynched every night to the specific folder, and is visible as read-only to the users. They can copy a file (any one, or several) from here and put it back into their normal storage drive, if they made a boo-boo and realized it themself and they can also solve it - without me!

This Backup-Folder is strictly read-only, as an additional protection against Ransomware Cryptolockers.
The Users PC has write access to their normal storage, those files will be encrypted. But not these backup files!

My 2 cents

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I’m trying to test the backup with FreeNas and I get error everytime.
How can I see the backup logs in order to see what the problem is ?

(André Wismer) #7



Check /var/log/messages

You’d be looking for stuff like this:


(quizhead) #9


This is the error message.
Any ideas ?

(André Wismer) #10

Seem your NethServer can’t mount your FreeNAS share.

Check that you at least allow

  • root access
  • IP of NethServer

in the share config…