A question about backup

I would like to understand please how the NFS backup works,

In the “Host” I need to insert the IP of the host ? Can I use the Nethserver IP ?
In the “Share” I need to enter a shared folder name I have in Nethserver ?

Thank you.

In the Host put in the IP of the Backup-Server/NAS
(NOT your NethServer’s IP, that would be backing up a disk to the free space on the same disk…)

In the Share put in the NFS path to your designated Share,

I often use Synology NAS for Backups. Synology typically uses something like /volume1/Backup-Neth
Where /volume1/ is the standardardized name of the first volume on a synology. Then comes the actual share.

This is what my home NethServer looks like:
(Note: The NAS is a Thecus, they use something like /raid0/data/NAS_NFS_Exports/Backup-Neth)
The actual share I call Backup-Neth.

Full Backups are on Tuesdays, as my NAS is too full for anything else… :wink:

Hope that helps…

Thanks for the answer
Can I make my backup to be on a shared folder that I have on Nethserver ?
I want certain user to see it from his shared folder if possible.


Not really, as the backup normally contains your whole NethServer files and config.

That would be like saving your Windows C: Disk on your C: Disk. If that disk crashes, so did your Backup!

I do “normal” backups for the server, for all cases and disaster recovery.

For my clients and users, I provide a weeks storage of read-only backups.
I map this Backup Folder on the Windows Clients as Drive Y:.
Due to the size, this is usually on a NAS, and NOT on the server itself!

All clients can dive into Y:, and there they will see 8 subfolders, labeled as follows:


The stff in those folders is rsynched every night to the specific folder, and is visible as read-only to the users. They can copy a file (any one, or several) from here and put it back into their normal storage drive, if they made a boo-boo and realized it themself and they can also solve it - without me!

This Backup-Folder is strictly read-only, as an additional protection against Ransomware Cryptolockers.
The Users PC has write access to their normal storage, those files will be encrypted. But not these backup files!

My 2 cents

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I’m trying to test the backup with FreeNas and I get error everytime.
How can I see the backup logs in order to see what the problem is ?



Check /var/log/messages

You’d be looking for stuff like this:



This is the error message.
Any ideas ?

Seem your NethServer can’t mount your FreeNAS share.

Check that you at least allow

  • root access
  • IP of NethServer

in the share config…